The chocolate room was first established in Geelong, Victoria, Australia in 2006 and has quickly grown to become the leading brand in the chocolate café market. Drawing on years of retail experience, the chocolate room team has produced an inviting and distinctive fit out for his boutique chocolate café.

It created a meeting place for people where they could relax in a plush, comfortable environment and treat themselves to the very best chocolate experience.

The response to the chocolate room concept has been overwhelming - our customers love the total chocolate experience - the drinks, we sell beautiful coffee too - the food - the atmosphere - the chocolates!

The chocolate room has expanded since its inception with 10 stores in Australia, 40 stores throughout India and its first location in waterloo Canada names "ausanda chocolate".

Our mission is to create the best chocolate experience for consumers and create a new chocolate culture in the UK.

Not content to keep the status quo, the chocolate room continues to develop and grow and now our cafes are offering a savoury range for our customers - this, together with our range of handmade chocolates, chocolate drinks and chocolate food lines, makes for a totally awesome visit to your nearest café.